Founded in 2013 by Edward Rogers and Robert Hiscox, Constantine Enterprises Inc. is a private real estate fund dedicated to acquiring, developing and managing high quality properties in Canada and abroad./

Constantine owns, manages and develops a variety of properties in its dynamic portfolio—from high return residential real estate assets to urban office buildings, hospitals, resorts, condominium buildings and apartment buildings. Although its largest concentration of assets is in Canada, spread throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario, Constantine’s geographic focus is truly global. Constantine owns assets in other jurisdictions such as the Bahamas. Constantine Enterprises is actively sourcing real estate acquisitions in other major cosmopolitan centres such as Manhattan and Central London.


Constantine is continuously evolving. Either on its own or through partnerships with industry leaders, Constantine creates and grows replicable business models whilst continuing to remain nimble and opportunistic.


is constantly growing, some of our companies include:

Constantine Enterprises Inc.

Constantine Enterprises Inc. is the primary company in the family, owning a variety of high quality assets in Canada and abroad.

Constantine Management Solutions Inc.

Constantine Management Solutions Inc. manages all Constantine-owned properties in Canada and abroad.

Constantine Medical Arts Ltd.

Constantine Medical Arts Ltd. owns hospital and medical arts spaces throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

C² Property Holdings Inc.

C² Property Holding Inc. owns and operates brick and beam commercial buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.

King John Properties Inc.

C² Property Holding Inc. owns and operates brick and beam commercial buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.

Constantine Enterprises Bahamas Inc.

Constantine Enterprises Bahamas Inc. handles the curation and development of high value assets throughout the Bahamas.


with companies around the world, including:

HISCOX Holding Group

HISCOX Holding Group is a private holding group which partners, advises, manages, trades and owns assets globally. 

Providus Custos

Providus Custos provides finanical advisory and consultancy to North American clients.